Memorandum of Cooperation Between the Georgian National Museum and University of Warsaw

02 February 2016 - 02 February 2016

Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Georgian National Museum and University of Warsaw on February 2, 2016.

The event was hosted by the General Director of the Georgian National Museum Prof. David Lordkipanidze. Among the guests were HE Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Georgia Mr. Andrzej Cieszkowski, HE Ambassador of the Georgia in Poland Mr. Nikoloz Nikolozishvili and Professor Piotr Jaworski.

In the framework of the Memorandum, two parties agree to collaborate in the area of archaeological studies. Cooperation agreement includes a number of projects at Dzalisa settlement. In within the partnership, archeological works on the site will be resolved and scientific research of the artifacts will continue also, first geophysical and aerial mapping will take place on the site and its surrounding area.

Dzalisa is one of the most important archeological monuments in the historic kingdom of Kartli (Iberia). The ruins of an ancient city were found in the Village of Dzalisa, in the Mukhrani Valley, 20 km southwest of Mtskheta. The site has been identified as the City of Dzalisa mentioned in the "Geographic Manual" by the Greek geographer Claudius Ptolemy in the second century CE.

Intersecting streets and squares demonstrating urban planning and paved by brick tiles were discovered among the ruins of the city; public buildings, houses, and temples buildings were decorated with distinguished mosaic. The city also had an advanced plumbing system, with some pipes to supply water to the bath-houses and others to carry away sewage.

The Dzalisa settlement is part of the Georgian National Museum complex. Conservation of the site and maintenance of the tourist infrastructure takes place under the museum's management. Supporters of the project are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy and Agency of the International Relations (FARNESINA), Institute of Conservation and Restoration of Rome, BP and its partner organization GPC (Georgian Pipeline Company), Château Mukhrani, TBC Bank and local administration institutions.

Since February 2016, the University of Warsaw will be among the partners of the Dzalisa development projects.