Award-winning Turkish Author and Cartoonist Meets Georgian Children at the Georgian National Museum

01 June 2015 - 01 June 2015

The Georgian National Museum Auditorium hosted an event dedicated to the Children's International Day which was supported by the Embassy of the Turkish Republic and the Tbilisi Center of the Turkish Culture. Opening event took place on 1st of June 2015.

The program was led by the award-winning Turkish author and cartoonist Behic Ak. Behic Ak read his novel the "Cats' Island" to the Georgian children and presented the illustrations that he created specifically for this novel. By using the interactive methodology with the children, the attendees of the event read the illustrations with the help of the author.

Up to 150 kids listened to Behic Ak with delight and actively participated in "reading the drawings" - this is how the author himself named the program.

Behic Ak's works have been translated into many languages. The program "reading the drawings" has been successfully carried out in many countries around the world.

This event was one of the great examples of the fruitful cooperation between the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Georgia, Tbilisi Center of the Turkish Culture and the Georgian National Museum in the field of museum education.

Address: The Georgian National Museum Auditorium, Purtseladze str.1