The Global Museum Leaders Colloquium

07 April 2014 - 07 April 2015

The Global Museum Leaders Colloquium (GMLC) is a program initiated and hosted by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and supported by "Terra Foundation for American Art". First meeting took place in New-York in 2014. GMLC provides a unique opportunity for museum leaders from around the world to come together for a sustained exchange of ideas and expertise.

Global Museum Leaders Colloquium was designed to stimulate and broaden international dialogue on museum management and collections care among directors from collecting institutions. The first meeting brought together 14 directors from museums in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The Georgian National Museum (GNM) was presented at the Colloquium by its General Director, Prof. Dr. David Lordkipanidze. GNM was invited as the successor of a long museographic tradition in Georgia, and as a leader of innovative cultural institutions in the Caucasus region.

"Since its inception, the Met has been a museum that has embraced an international perspective and sought to open its visitors' eyes to the world. And like any great museum, the Met is a place where people come together to understand different points of view. It is with this in mind that we welcome this distinguished group of museum leaders from 14 countries on five continents for the launch of our global museum leadership program. Ideally, this exchange of ideas and expertise will generate collaborative thinking that will prove beneficial not only to the participating institutions but to museums on a much broader scale." - Thomas P. Campbell, Director and CEO of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Global Museum Leaders Colloquium provides a 360-degree view of current museum practices worldwide.  It is a laboratory for developing new, practical approaches to common challenges in museum leadership. By providing a forum for open exchange, it fostered collaboration among the participating institutions and countries, giving rise to an influential network of directors who are connected to the Metropolitan and to each other as alumni of the Global Museum Leaders Colloquium.